The Alternative Computing Project...
The Alternative Computing Project...

Welcome  to the Alternate Computing Project!

Serving Northeastern Indiana

Hours: Friday-Saturday 8am-8pm

Phone 260 573-0775


Located @ 4634 CR 7 Garrett, IN 46738

We intend to offer local support and training in Northeastern Indiana for the Linux Operating System.

We believe that with the current state of personal computing, there is a need to provide those individuals , that might be  computer timid, the oppurtunity to use an operating system that will not be drastically changed from what they get used to, meanwhile, providing a secure and more private computing experience.  

How are we going about it?

In addition to offering local support, we have put together a special live install of of Debian Linux. We added the light weight but powerful LXDE desktop. We customized it to help make it easier for new users to get started. We can install it on your machine, and customize it further to your liking.


It's called LXDE-UCM. We will use, promote and offer local support for it.


In addition we are working on an online wiki for it.



For those unfamiliar with Linux.

 Fed up with viruses, malware, security and privacy issues, not to mention forced upgrades and changes to your computers desktop?


 There is hope and a solution. It's called Linux and it is every bit as powerful as your existing Operating System.  But it is more versatile, customizable and secure than your existing O.S.


Best of all it can be set up for you, to resemble and be familiar as your last operating system. Once set up you won't have to worry about Desktop and interface changes, which you don't like or even asked for.


It can give new life to old laptops and desktop computers.


You can test it out without making any permenent changes to your machine.


We can help you install it, and teach you how to run it.


The Linux operating system is free to download and use. It has thousands of free software titles from internet browsers, image, music, and document editors. It has cad programs, office suites and accounting software. And that's just a few examples of whats available.


Here is our LXDE-UCM install. Soon to be available to anyone to download and try on Distroshare. However due to personel and time limits, we will only be able to support it at the local level.


-You can find the wiki here.

-A screen-shot tour is here.


Shown below with the classic desktop setup.

Click for larger view

For a little more swag also, included is a preconfigured Unity-like desktop.

Click for larger view.

And as a bonus for the more daring, we have included the new Moksha desktop.

Click for larger view.
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