Customizing the LXDE Desktop (under construction)
Customizing the LXDE Desktop(under construction)

LXDE is still one of the few desktops which can be customized thru the configuration files. You can still configure it to your liking.  


To this end, We will try and post some tutorials and videos about tweaks, customizations, and about creating your own customized, and installable live usb.


Given that LXDE is one of the lightest and quikest Linux Desktops available, and will run on almost any hardware it is a great desktop to start with. It can be as simple or as decked out as you may wish. For me it is just plain fun!

Bodhi Linux

Our base Linux Operating System!

  We love Bodhi Linux. It comes with the Moksha Desktop. It is also very light, but highly polished. It's our favorite Desktop. But, It is not, as easily customized to the extent of LXDE.  But nothing wrong with having 2 desktops available.

  Bodhi ships as a minimal OS with very few programs installed, allowing us to choose our favorites, and making it ideal, to add the LXDE desktop to it. It is also based on Ubuntu, giving us alot of support.


Our Inspiration!

  LXLE is a spin of Lubuntu with the LXDE Desktop. It comes loaded with some of the best software availble in Linux, yet is built to run on low resource hardware.

  We believe it is one of the best versions of LXDE anywhere.

  Alot of the tips and tweaks posted here, come from or were inspired by this awesome Linux O.S.


The Customizable Desktop!

  LXDE is one of Linux's lighter faster desktop enviroments. It comes with the openbox window manager.

  It is built with a component mindset, making it easy to switch out file managers, panels, and even window managers. It's configuration files, make it possible to tweak things. 


We believe it to be one of the most customizable Linux desktops available! 

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